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Macular Holes

Macular Holes are small round openings in the macular, which is the part of the retina responsible for central vision. This causes loss of central vision that is necessary to perform tasks such as reading, driving, watching TV, or any related activity requiring the ability to see fine details. Macular holes usually occur in the elderly when the vitreous (gel that fills the inside of the eye) shrinks due to age and pulls a piece of the macula tissue, tearing a small round hole. Injuries and chronic swelling of the macula can also lead to macular hole formation.

The only treatment is to perform a vitrectomy, which removes the vitreous gel causing the pulling on the macula. The eye is then filled with a special gas bubble that pushes the macula against the posterior wall of the eye to ultimately seal the hole. The gas bubble eventually dissolves in about two weeks, but the patient must remain in a face down position until the hole seals completely.


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