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Corneal Abrasions and Corneal Erosions

The cornea is the clear part in front of the eye. It is located over the iris and the round central pupil. It has five different layers, the outmost layer being the epithelium. Injuries to the epithelium, including cuts are scratches, are called abrasions. These injuries are usually accidents caused by finger nail scratches; make up brushes, paper cuts, or rubbing of the eyes. Conditions such as dry eyes or blepharitis can predispose people to abrasions. If you have an abrasion you will have pain, redness, tearing, and blurred vision.

Treatment for corneal abrasions includes patching of the eye or wearing a bandage contact lens. Most abrasions heal in a day or two, unless they are large in which case it can take several days.

Corneal erosions are caused by having the epithelium loosely attached to the underlying layers of the cornea. This usually happens in an area of the cornea where a significant corneal abrasion has occurred. It may also happen due to a disorder called "Mat-dot-finger print dystrophy.

The symptoms and treatments for corneal erosion are the same as those for an abrasion. If erosions occur frequently, other treatments are available.


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